Masud Olufani and Celeste Headlee, hosts of "Retro Report"

Episode Five

Learn how texting could reduce suicides. See why surrogate parenthood is still being shaped by Baby M. Shine a light on lead, banned but not gone. Climate help may come from the Cold War. Andy Borowitz recalls a flaming river.

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Episode Two

Uncover crime evidence pulled from DNA websites. See how drug rules stem from a pill's side effects. Learn how a screen addiction cure is rooted in the past and why Americans are ambivalent about robots. Andy Borowitz objects to "no news."

  • 2020-12-28T05:00:00-08:00

Episode Three

Learn why crime witnesses fail to act. Meet a Naval officer who transformed the military. Psychedelic drugs like LSD are back in the lab. Follow the voyage of a trash barge that persuaded us to recycle. Andy Borowitz highlights lunar hoaxes.

  • 2020-12-28T06:00:00-08:00