A graphic of three people walking and chatting with each other. | From "Roadtrip Nation: At Your Fingertips"

"Roadtrip Nation: At Your Fingertips" follows three young people from backgrounds underrepresented in computer science as they explore how to break into the field. Along the way, they learn how others have found their own unique places in the burgeoning world of computer science. Together, these roadtrippers — Megan, Sage and Devohne — travel across the country in search of what it looks like to carve out a niche and follow computer science into technology, storytelling, gaming, science, education, and more. They'll meet inspiring people like Khalil and Ahmed Abdullah, the co-founders and CEOs of Decoy Games; Kim Arcand, a visualization scientist and emerging tech lead for NASA; and Kelley Cambry, co-founder and CEO of STEM K-12 education portal Blue Studios.

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