Watch Full Episodes of 'Rosemary and Thyme'

"Rosemary and Thyme" is a charming, contemporary crime series with a unique twist, as two gardening enthusiasts find themselves caught up in a series of murder mysteries. Combining beautiful British countryside and estate locations, gripping stories and strong performances, the storyline features two mature women looking for a new direction after major changes in their lives. Brought together by the sudden death of a mutual friend, lecturer Rosemary Boxer and newly-divorced former policewoman Laura Thyme discover a shared passion for horticulture and a talent for investigation. Starring Pam Ferris ("The Darling Buds of May," "Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban") and Felicity Kendal ("The Camomile Lawn," "The Good Life"), Rosemary and Thyme brings together two of public television's favorite genres -- gardening and mystery -- in a not-to-be missed series!

Video is courtesy of American Public Television.

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