Dead Water Part 1 of 2

When Jerry Markham -- an old journalist acquaintance of Perez -- dies in a car accident, Perez believes the circumstances are suspicious. But the Fiscal Procurator, Rhona Kelly, decides to call in a Forensic Crime Scene Investigator from the mainland to ensure an objective view of the case. When Willow Reeves subsequently arrives, it's clear she is a force to be reckoned with -- refusing to be intimidated by Perez into making a hasty decision about the case. As they await the forensic results from Reeves, Perez and his team investigate the reasons for Jerry Markham's recent return to Shetland. Perez discovers that Jerry was chasing a story around the controversial planning permission being sought for a new gas pipeline. He also finds out that Jerry had treated Evie Watt, a young girl on the island, shoddily some years ago. When Perez speaks to Evie Watt he discovers that, although she is still deeply affected by her past relationship with Jerry, she is now to be married to fellow islander John Henderson.

Perez is also intrigued to learn that Evie is running a campaign against the new pipeline, alongside her father Cameron Watt, which involves the fund financially supporting a local fish farmer (Joe Dalhousie) whose land is vital to the gas company's plans. He further discovers that Jerry had been in contact with all of these individuals in the days preceding his death. At the wedding of Evie Watt and John Henderson, tensions run high amongst the guests as the proceedings are overshadowed by Jerry's death and the divisive issue of the pipeline. After the wedding party, when Perez realises there's not enough forensic proof to support his belief that Jerry died in unlawful circumstances, he decides to re-visit John. But when he arrives at Henderson's house he is greeted by a gruesome sight and quickly calls Willow Reeves before she boards her flight to the mainland. He is going to need her help once more.

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Series 4, Episode 1

Perez and his team re-open a 23-year-old cold case of teenager Lizzie Kilmuir, found strangled to death on a kiln, when journalist Sally McColl is found murdered in the same way. Sally's father was a former officer who lead the investigation of the murdered teen, and suspicion lies on Thomas Malone, a released convicted murderer, and estranged friend of Lizzie's sister.

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