9 Ways to Reduce Light Pollution

(Photo courtesy of NASA)
Here are a few easy steps that you can take to help preserve what's left of our dark skies, courtesy of Starry Night Lights Blog:

1. Ask yourself, do I even need this lighting? Light only what needs lighting.

2. OK, so you figure it really does need light. Does it need to be lit at all times — night and day, every single day? Light only when you need it to be lit.

3. Use only as much light as is required. Don’t always install the highest available wattage.

4. Use only full cutoff light fixtures, which shine light down onto the ground and prevent it from spilling into the night sky.

5. Shield your existing fixtures. Light shades are available for many fixtures that will convert them into night sky friendly fixtures for a minimal cost.

6. Install motion sensors to turn your lights on automatically whenever there is activity outside your home or business.

7. Install reflectors to outline a driveway or path instead of putting in lights.

8. Get used to the dark. Do you really need to turn your outdoor lights on to find your way to the curb or garage?

9. Tell your friends, neighbors and even elected officials about light pollution.

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