Private Property sign in foreground with beach behind it | Still from "Access Denied" on SoCal Connected

A Soldier's Story

The numbers are alarming. One in seven female service members will be a victim of military sexual trauma, or MST. And many of those women will never report their attacks. Once stateside, female vets may have trouble finding the expert care they need to treat the trauma.

One of the few residential treatment facilities for MST is in Long Beach, VA. It is there homeless female vets begin 12 weeks of intensive therapy, learning practical skills to deal with the shame, guilt and blame that goes along with being a victim of rape. Many of these women also experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which compounds the problem.

We take a rare glimpse into the treatment program with the help of Brave New Foundation. Female veteran Angie Peacock documented her stay at the Long Beach, VA Renew program and videotaped her experience. Her experience highlights the specialized needs of female veterans.


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