A Woman Soldier Speaks Out

Our story this week on Sergeant Angie Peacock shows you how one woman really wanted to make the Army her career. She was committed and gung-ho. But in 2001 she was raped by a fellow soldier while stationed in South Korea. Then was traumatized by combat in Iraq. In 2003 she was diagnosed with PTSD and discharged.

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Recently we went to UCLA where Angie was a featured speaker at the law school. We didn't use any of this in our story, so I thought you'd like to see some of it. She describes the macho culture on the Army base in South Korea - drinking, prostitution, etc. Also sexual harassment training, therapy from the VA ("pills") and how it is hard for her family to understand her.

If you want to see more of Angie's story as told by documentary filmmakers from Brave New Foundation check out In Their Boots.

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