Am I In A Flood Zone?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is currently updating the maps used by insurance companies to determine whether your home is at risk of flooding and to what degree. For some residents, that means paying a premium they've never had to pay before. This map shows FEMA flood zone data loaded into Google Earth.


  • dark red - high risk (one percent chance or greater of experiencing a flood each year)
  • pink - low to moderate risk (.2 percent chance)
  • gray - insufficient data or risk is too low to warrant a detailed analysis
  • yellow - incomplete data (surveys still pending)

Use this map to get an idea of where the flood zones are, but for the most accurate information about your property, visit Floodsmart.gov and enter your address to get a "One-Step Flood Risk Profile." You'll get a full report including your risk level, your estimated insurance premiums and a list of insurance agents in your area.

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