Angeles Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run

Every year, marathon runners spend months preparing in anticipation for the Angeles Crest 100-mile endurance run in the mountains above Los Angeles. But only a few are able to make it to the finish line after a grueling 24-36 hours away from society as they run through the San Gabriel Mountains. In 2013, 122 runners enrolled in the race, but only 74 finished.

"You go through moments of sickness, of complete despair and depression and you realize it was only a day ago that you did that. And it hits you how much you did in the last 24-30 hours," said runner Dominic Grossman.

Watch as dozens of experienced runners tackle Mt. Baden Powell at over 9,000 feet high and challenging trails in the Angeles National Forest.

Featuring Interviews With:

  • Dominic Grossman, runner

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