Average Workplace Safety Fine: $1200

The US Dept. of Labor collects statistics from all the state OSHA agencies, including California, and they publish timely data on citations for violations. We compiled this table from data retrieved from the Dept. of Labor databases. It represents all reported workplace safety citations and fines in California for the most recent fiscal year.

  Cal Osha Enforcement Citations Fines Ave. Fine    
  totals: all industries 16753 $20,279,343 $1,210.49    
  October 2008-Sept 2009      
  Industry Citations Fines Ave. Fine    
  Agriculture, Forestry, And Fishing 1605 2479843 $1,545    
  Mining 317 300355 $947    
  Construction 3880 $4,959,146 $1,278    
  Manufacturing 4802 $6,639,700 $1,383    
  Transportation 795 $1,152,982 $1,450    
  Wholesale Trade 452 600270 $1,328    
  Retail 1365 $1,098,139 $804    
  Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 177 $232,095 $1,311    
  Services 3153 $2,472,116 $784    
  Public Administration 207 $344,697 $1,665    
  source: Dept. of Labor        
  Penalties shown reflect current rather than initial fines      

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