Behind the Scenes of Saving the Corps

In the course of researching the current state of the California Conservation Corps, we met 21-year-old Alex Cook, corps-member and poet extraordinaire. His self awareness, propensity for insightful observations and his openness to learning made him a standout.

During the shoot he told us he wanted to learn from us everything he could about TV production. He asked questions, anticipated our needs and assured us he already knew only a few seconds of his half hour interview would make it into the piece.

But Alex had so much to say, and such a unique way of saying it, that we want to share a bit more with our viewers.

So Alex, take note - we found a way to use more than 12 seconds after all!

On the Sierra Madre Project:

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How the CCC let him contribute to society AND keep his dreadlocks:

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How a stint in the Corps' Backcountry Program taught him to embrace wildlife... and diversity:

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On February 27th, Alex and two other corps members will be honored for their roles in saving the life of an elderly hiker they encountered on one of their trails.


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Next up for Alex? He is looking forward to applying his conservation knowledge in the land down under through an exchange program with Conservation Volunteers Australia.

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