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In the latest episode of LA’s struggle to control its billboards, the city once again found itself a victim of its own actions. On Monday, U.S. District Judge Audrey B. Collins, in a tentative ruling, ruled against the city in a lawsuit filed by World Wide Rush LLC, an outdoor advertising company. The judge found the city in contempt for issuing citations against World Wide Rush while refusing to allow the company to apply for permits in the first place. Last year the same judge issued an injunction after ruling the city’s sign ordnance was unconstitutional.

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But it wasn’t all bad news. Remember Mike MCNeilly from last month’s billboard confidential followup? He is the owner of Skytag, an outdoor advertising company. McNeilly’s supergraphics of the Statute of Liberty can be seen around town - for now. In a separate ruling, Judge Collins was critical of Mcneilly’s assertion he owned 118 supergraphics in LA, when it appears he only has 33. Infuriated, the judge was inclined to deny 85 of McNeilly’s supergraphics.

Just down the street today at Los Angeles City Hall, the Planning Commission failed to pass on the new draft of the city sign ordnance. They’ve postponed the vote until next week. If it does pass, it will make its way to the City Council for a vote.

Meanwhile, more supergraphics have sprung up all over town. As I started this story, with billboards in LA, it always feels like groundhog day.

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