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SoCal Connected

Black Lives Matter

Shootings of unarmed black males nationwide have ignited discussions about the lack of concern for African-Americans. Following the killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Ezell Ford in L.A, the Black Lives Matter movement was formed. Its goal is to demand greater accountability from police and change society's attitudes toward police shootings in the black community. In recent months, organizers protested in Downtown Los Angeles outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters, on the 405 freeway, and at The Grove Los Angeles  where they disrupted holiday shopping.

Who are the leaders of the Black Lives Matter local chapter? Is "disruption" an effective tactic? What does Black Lives Matter hope to accomplish? How is the Los Angeles Police Commission responding to their demands and methods?

Alex Stapleton speaks with members of Black Lives Matter and the president of the Los Angeles Police Commission in this episode of "SoCal Connected."

What started as a social media hashtag has become a social movement. But how did it get that way? We’ve created this timeline of events that helped shape Black Lives Matter. It includes police shootings and demonstrations that helped catalyze the movement – with an emphasis on Los Angeles. This is by no means a complete account, but rather a selection that provides context to those who wish to better understand how Black Lives Matter came to be.

Featuring Interviews With:

  • Melina Abdullah, Black Lives Matter LA
  • Matthew Johnson, president of L.A. Police Commission
  • Anthony Ratcliff, Black Lives Matter LA
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