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SoCal Connected

Artificial Turf, CicLAvia, Urban Farms, Typewriter Shop

Episode 737

Some parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the health of their children, who play on 27 L.A. city soccer fields covered with artificial turf containing crumb rubber. This material is made from recycled tires that have various carcinogens. Cara Santa Maria speaks with doctors, LAUSD and L.A. City Recreation and Parks officials about this potential hazard and what they are doing about it.

CicLAvia is a popular event that closes down major Los Angeles streets to allow cyclists to take over. Last December, for the first time, CicLAvia went through South Los Angeles, where residents suffer from higher than average obesity rates and other health risks. Nic Cha Kim, who lost 35 pounds when he took up cycling, asks if an event like this can have a positive health impact on area families.

Is it possible to bring farm living to the big city? An unusual family in Pasadena has proven it can be done. For more than ten years, the Dervaes have created a life of self-sufficiency, growing virtually all their own food in an average-size backyard, raising chickens and goats, using solar energy and a bio-fueled car. What inspired this kind of living? Val Zavala visits the Dervaes to find out.

In this keyboard-driven world, many consider typewriters as useful as a washboard. But in Highland Park, a specialty shop - passed from father to son - has thousands of parts meticulously organized to keep typewriters alive and clicking.

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