Val Zavala

Female Veterans, Prison Recipes, Pet Apartments, Shades of L.A.

Season 6, Episode 8:

Val Zavala brings you the personal story of an army sergeant who shares her harrowing account of rape and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dogs and cats are not a problem in one North Hollywood apartment complex where residents are actually required to own a pet. Nick Hardcastle pays them a visit.

Jennifer Sabih stops by Crossroads, a halfway house in Claremont where the female residents have published a cookbook with recipes that can be made exclusively with stingers -- an all-in-one cooking utensil commonly used by prison inmates.

The Los Angeles Public Library has an immense collection of more than two million photos covering the city's history, but curators are trying to fill some important gaps. They're actively seeking a more diverse range of historical images representing the city's Latino, Asian, and African American communities.






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Aid-in-Dying Now an Option, Space Mission to Europa, Kids with Cancer and Cameras

Season 7, Episode 26

Terminally ill Californians now have access to lethal prescriptions when pain and suffering become unbearable. 

The Jet Propulsion Lab prepares for a mission to one of Jupiter's moons.

A couple who lost their son to cancer help other sick children discover photography.

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Homeless Special

On any given night, 47,000 men, women, and children live on the streets of Los Angeles – sleeping in tents, cars, on sidewalks, and in emergency shelters. The enormity of the homeless crisis led SoCal Connected to ask the difficult questions: How do we create more affordable housing? Are we willing to pay for critical services such as mental health counseling, medical care, job training, and alcohol/drug rehab programs? With limited resources available, how do we decide who gets helped first? And how do we prevent more people from ending up on the streets every day?

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Coastal Housing Crisis

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