Find Tree Planting Resources in Your Community

SoCal Connected created the following map highlighting local events where you can play a part in building and sustaining your community’s urban tree canopy. Each event is represented by a point and color coded by its type. Red icons represent volunteer opportunities while green icons represent tree adoptions or giveaways.

Studies have shown that urban tree canopy cover is associated with stormwater runoff reduction, air quality improvement, energy savings, and atmospheric carbon reduction. While enhancing neighborhood aesthetics, street trees have also been linked to noise reduction and improving social cohesion within communities.

In light of these facts, steps are being taken in large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles to increase the number of trees and their canopy coverage in city environments. Initiatives, such as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s “Million Trees L.A.,” have prompted the planting of over 400,000 trees and proven to be an environmental good for the area.

Still, disparities continue to exist between L.A. neighborhoods showing that there is much work left to be done. According to a map generated by L.A. DWP’s City Plants program, parts of Los Angeles have 37 percent canopy cover while vulnerable communities have as little as 6 percent.

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