Four Videos You'll Only Find on SoCal Connected

Season 8 of "SoCal Connected" uncovered four exclusive stories you won't find anywhere else. Here are the top videos from the season you must see.


Newly Public Videos Show 2008 L.A. Jail Beatings

SoCal Connected was the first to publish excerpts of videos showing over a dozen Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies violently extracting inmates from cells at Men's Central Jail. The 2008 videos, filmed by LASD personnel, were sealed by a judge and kept out of the eye until Socal Connected obtained them.


Cycle of Disrepair

A SoCal Connected investigation revealed the L.A. Bureau of Street Services has left tens of millions of dollars unspent while the L.A. has paid out millions in bike injury lawsuits caused by damaged streets. Days after the story, the head of the the Bureau of Street Services announced his retirement.


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"Animal Court"

SoCal Connected’s cameras were the first to ever be allowed into L.A. Animal Services administrative hearings, where dog owners face allegations ranging from barking to biting. This so-called Animal Court is a little known process where dogs — and their owners — go when they’ve been accused of behaving badly.


Mending Kids

Twenty surgeries to correct children’s facial deformities and birthmarks happened in just one day and SoCal Connected’s cameras had exclusive access to the procedures. The medical care was donated to the children, all of whom are low income and who had suffered bullying because of their conditions.      


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