Get an A+ If You Can Pick the Real Patt Morrison

When we were shooting at Locke, I spotted Patt Morrison strolling around with a couple of girlfriends. Or is this a Patt Morrison lookalike?

You decide.


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Inside Locke High - Angela Shelley - For years, Locke High School in Watts has been a poster child for failing inner city schools. In the summer of 2008, a charter company - Green Dot Public Schools - took over from L.A. Unified and vowed to turn the troubled school around. This is the story of three typical Locke students told in their own way. In their own words.
Departures - Watts - By KCET Web Stories Team - Watts can be considered the epicenter of Los Angeles' working class history - a microcosm of America's dramatic demographic shifts. It is a neighborhood that has endured the most daring tests of our local history, an area that has been demonized by some and cherished profoundly by others. Produced by students from Locke High School, this installment of KCET Web Stories' Departures gives an honest portrait of the people and places who claim Watts as their own.


School Work - By Web Team - A day in the life of Ramon Quevedo, student at Verbum Dei High School in South Central, L.A.

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