Get Involved - Post Holiday Survival Guide

There's a tiny sliver of time between now and New Years. Make the most of it!

2008 may be (pretty much) over but there is still time to get a bit of a the great outdoors in before 2009. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has a full slate of outdoor events to ease you into the New Year.

The 13th Annual Griffith Park Light Festival sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power ends December 30th. Here's a preview:

[A tip of the bloggy hat to EyeSpyLA.com for the video.]

Lastly, we don't need to tell you not to drink and drive this year-end. Metro bus and rail will be free from 9pm until 2am on the morning of January 1, 2009, so do both the earth and yourself a favor and take public transit. If you're in Long Beach or the OC, non-profit group Scooter Patrol is offering free rides to the tipsy this New Years. They also need volunteers.

See you in '09!>

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