Get Involved - Save the Earth (Or, Barring That, SoCal)

To paraphrase this week’s SoCal Connected Guest Blogger Jenny Price, “if you want a green planet, you have to work for a green planet.” Those of you looking for ways to work for a green future have a, well, mess of options for putting in some green elbow grease in the Southern California region.

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For over 20 years, Santa Monica group Heal the Bay has been involved in advocating and protecting Santa Monica Bay. The organization offers a broad range of volunteering opportunities handily sorted on the website by time commitment. Heal the Bay’s founding president, Dorothy Green passed away recently, but the organization continues to be a model for how citizen action can effect real change, whether it’s via from scheduled creek restorations or emergency response cleanup teams.

The Los Angeles Sierra Club is always on the look-out for Conservation Volunteers. Opportunities include the Green Building Committee, which works to “promote environmentally conscious building design in Los Angeles and Orange Counties,” anti-sprawl task forces targeting planned developments, to committees like the Legal Eagles, who are on the lookout for “committee members who are attorneys or otherwise possess legal expertise.”

The Center for Land Use Interpretation is part think tank, part research institution and part stealth art organization. Their most recent initiative, POST CONSUMED: The Landscape of Waste in Los Angeles tracks the movement, disposal and storage of solid waste in Southern California.

Lastly, if that’s not enough for you, there is always Los Angeles-area Global Warming Meetups.

Photo: Heal the Bay Flickr stream

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