How Much Is Your Home Worth?


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Zillions, or zilch?

Real estate obsessed Southern Californians are no strangers to Zillow. Launched early in 2006 - just as the local home market was at its bubbliest - it was THE place to go to find out how much your neighbor's house was worth. Just after you looked up your own.

It was founded by the guys who brought you Expedia, which they sold to Barry Diller for $1.5 billion - yes, that's billion. Zillow's property estimates are controversial, but it's among the top three most-visited real estate sites.


Zillow was interesting when the market was going nowhere but up. It's even more interesting now as it tries to find the bottom.

We've posted a few of their interactive widgets here. Look up a specific property to get Zillow's home value estimate (not an official appraisal—more like a best guess based on data the service pulls from multiple sources).

To the right, you can change the view on the Los Angeles Home Value Index chart to get data for the past one-year, five-year or 10-year period, respectively. The chart shows the median for all of Zillow's home value estimates for the city.

Link photo by Flickr user terren in Virginia.

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