How Safe is Your Child's Sports Field?

On athletic fields, grass is a thing of the past -- artificial turf has largely taken over. Many of these fields are covered in fake dirt called crumb rubber. The rubber doesn't require as much water or maintenance as grass, a boon in times of drought. But what's crumb rubber made of? Shredded car and truck tires, which are filled with dangerous chemicals.

This fact has some Southern California parents and experts feeling wary. But whether crumb rubber is truly harmful is a question experts are still trying to answer.

Reporter Cara Santa Maria interviews parents, city officials, and experts to find out how schools and cities are dealing with these fields that dot the Southern California landscape.

Featuring Interviews With:

  • Jennie Chamberlain, parent
  • Dr. James Seltzer, visiting professor, UC Irvine
  • Mark Hovatter, chief facility executive for LAUSD
  • Frank Higginbotham, parent

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