Immigration Demographic Change Graphic

Immigration 101: Demographic Change


America is undergoing a diversity explosion. By 2045, Latinos, Blacks, Asians and other ethnic minorities will make up 51% of the nation, with non-hispanic whites becoming a minority.

And right now, 44 percent of Millennials are minorities, making them the most diverse adult generation in American history.  

So how did that happen? Well for one, the rise of what demographers call the "new minorities."

They are primarily Latinos and asians who have made up 75% of the population growth in the last decade. In 2011 more minority babies were born than white babies — a first for America.

But immigration isn’t behind this major change. So what is? the growth among US born minorities.

As America becomes more diverse, the white population will get greyer. This may cause anxiety among some, but several demographers and economists say a younger, more diverse population is generally good for America — and essential for it to continue to grow and thrive.


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