Camerman: Alex Shey

I.O.U.S.A is a new documentary that is as well timed as it is dismal.
A movie about the national debt crisis starring Warren Buffet, Paul Volker and Alan Greenspan? It may not be the most fun you have at the movies (The Village Voice calls it:” a bowel-rattling cry of fiscal doom”), but it will open your eyes to what I now think of as the fiscal forest we can still barely make out, even the economic indicator trees are falling all around us. That’s right, our national debt is something else to be worried about. Very worried.

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Patrick Creaadon, the director, works from studios that are two
minutes from the SoCal Connected bureau and once I saw the film I knew I had to talk to him about both his uncanny timing and what exactly possessed him as a filmmaker to focus on such a bleak and unweildy topic.

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