Latino Heritage on Less Than $50

So it's 6:00 on Friday and I realize I am the Grand Marshall of the Latino Heritage Parade in Pasadena the next morning -- and yikes!

I don't have a single thing to wear!

My father was from Mexico and my Spanish is conversational, but my closet is full of Talbot's.

I beeline it down to Olvera Street and for $29 -- voila! A Oaxacan blouse, sash and fake flower and I am Senorita Zavala.

The car I'm riding is, by the way, is a 1973 French something-or-other that has been in enough movies for a SAG card.

What kind of Grand Marshall would I be if I didn't throw candy to the kids. Add $20 for that and the total comes to $49. I also got $20 in cash but I realized later I forgot to get it from the cashier. Damn. Have you ever done that? I won't add that in.

The funny part was when adults actually would yell, "Hey -- over here! Over here!"

I don't know if anyone actually knew who I was, but what the heck. Tuve un gran tiempo! And what a bargain.

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