MAP: Red Light Cameras

Speed through an intersection or make a rolling right turn on red at the wrong intersection, and you could be out $446. There are 404 red light cameras at 240 intersections across Los Angeles and four surrounding counties. They catch thousands of drivers each year. We've mapped each of those intersections and how many tickets were doled out over a nine month period from January to September 2010. Zoom in to find the intersections you frequent and see a street view of the cameras themselves.

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Top Ten Ticketed Intersections

Intersection City No. of Tickets
Tyler & 91 Freeway Riverside 7,506
Wilshire & Whittier Beverly Hills 5,726
Hindry & Rosecrans Hawthorne 5,710
Beverly & Wilshire Beverly Hills 3,610
Indiana & Arlington Riverside 3,357
Waterman & Hospitality San Bernardino 3,239
Magnolia & Rimpau Corona 2,943
Fourteenth & Mulberry Riverside 2,823
Atlantic & Telegraph Commerce 2,797
Alvarado & Temple Los Angeles 2,790

Rolling Rights

You may be surprised to know how many of the tickets given out by red light cameras are because of rolling right turns, where you pull up to the red light, see no traffic, and roll into that right turn. In Los Angeles, 75 percent, or 26,288 of the tickets given out over a nine-month period were for drivers caught on camera making a rolling right turn.


Cities with Cameras


City # of Intersections City # of Intersections
Los Angeles 32 Corona 4
Riverside 20 Glendale 4
Ventura 17 Hawthorne 4
Santa Ana 15 Lancaster 4
Inglewood 13 Cathedral 3
Culver City 11 Cerritos 3
Garden Grove 8 Covina 3
Oxnard 8 Murrieta 3
West Hollywood 8 Pasadena 3
San Bernardino 7 Grand Terrace 2
Santa Clarita 7 Highland 2
South Gate 7 Laguna Woods 2
Victorville 7 Los Alamitos 2
Baldwin Park 6 Lynwood 2
Beverly Hills 6 San Juan Capistrano 2
Gardena 6 Whittier 2
Montebello 6 Bell Gardens 1
Long Beach 5 Walnut 1
Commerce 4 Grand Total 240

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