SoCal Connected Takes Home Prestigious 'Public Service Award' and 7 L.A. Press Club Honors

Editors, reporters and producers - both broadcast and online - from KCET and SoCal Connected took home more than 7 L.A. Press Club Awards and the prestigious Public Service Award.
KCET-TV's hard-hitting weekly news magazine earned high honors from the L.A. Press Club on Sunday night, bringing home 16 awards in total, more than any other station.

Honors for "SoCal Connected" included the prestigious Public Service Award for an investigation into the abuse of public funds at the L.A. Housing Authority, a story that prompted real and tangible change in local government.

In total, "SoCal" won seven first-place awards, six for second place, and three honorable mentions. An additional award for non-political commentary went to KCET's website. Check out the full list of winning entries, along with links to the stories online.

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