Someone Swiped Some Plants!!!

Did you see the guerrilla gardeners that I featured in this story? They are great! That’s the kind of volunteer work I like. Focused, fast and fun. They make a dramatic difference in short order, plus it’s good for the environment - visually and ecologically.

So I was sad and mad to learn that shortly after the group put in the garden in Hollywood, someone came along and swiped three of the larger plants. Scott saw the empty holes when he went to water the garden a week ago. He took it all in stride. “It’s just part of guerrilla gardening” he says. (In the meantime, he got a big donation of about a hundred plants. Cool.)

But I’m less forgiving. Whoever you are who dug up those plants - that is bad karma. Aren’t you going to feel guilty every time you look at that aloe in your backyard? But wait. Here’s a recipe for redemption. Just follow your guilt to the next guerrilla gardening dig and pitch in as a volunteer. That’ll burn off the bad karma, and a few calories too. And you don’t even have to fess-up.

As for me, I told Scott to count me in. I’ll be there shovel in hand at the next dig.

Val Zavala

Anchor, SoCal Connected

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