Star Trek Voyager Actor Gets Celestial at Griffith Observatory

Actor Tim Russ is no stranger to Griffith Observatory. The iconic hilltop site was one of the key backdrops for a two-part Star Trek Voyager episode entitled "Future's End." Russ played Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, a black Vulcan security officer, who is sent down to 1990's earth to find a time traveler. Although Russ enjoyed his role, he is admittedly more kindred to Sarah Silverman's character, a SETI astronomer that works at Griffith.

Russ has spent much of his life looking at the stars. As an amateur astronomer, he regularly travels to observe with his five telescopes. He's also a member of several astronomy groups. Last Friday, he was invited to speak at All Space Considered, a free, science-oriented discussion show put on by the observatory staff on the first Friday of every month. He was interviewed by curator Laura Danly. We spoke with Russ after the event about his interests (he also scuba dives) and whether he believes that life exists out there.

Star Trek Voyager Crew
Star Trek Voyager Crew

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