Story in Progress: Time to Care

Credit: Mrs Logic/Flickr
Are you dealing with the special needs of an elderly parent, partner, friend or relative?

Are you experiencing role reversal — changing from the child to the parent of your parent?

Are you wondering if it's time to take away the car keys or to consider assisted living?

If you're handling any of the confusing, challenging, stressful issues involving a loved one — especially a senior — we're eager to hear your story.

Los Angeles public television station KCET-TV is producing Time to Care — a documentary about "ordinary" people coping with the increasingly familiar issue of caring for the elderly.

To chat with the producers contact:
Laura Coverson: 747.201.5274
Angela Shelley: 747.201.5391
E-mail: ttc@kcet.org

All inquiries are confidential.

Thank you!

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