Submit Your Broken Sidewalk Photos!

As we reported in the latest edition of our "Show Me the Money" series, almost half of the sidewalks in Los Angeles are cracked, crumbling, or buckled and in need of major repair. Unfortunately, city officials don't keep a list of these dangerous spots, and with government finances in dire straits at the state and local level, it looks increasingly likely that homeowners will get stuck with the responsibility of mending this ailing infrastructure.

Here's where you come in: we want to collect and compile your photos of these hazardous spots. We'll share the most egregious examples on-air, and in the coming weeks and months we'll add them to a map that will become a living resource for the community.

Here's what we need from you:

1. Send us your photo using one of these two options:

  • E-mail your photo to socal.connected@yahoo.com

    (Make sure the photo is at least 1 megapixel, or 720x480, and please send only one per e-mail to avoid surpassing message size limits)

  • Add your photo to our Flickr pool, here, and tag it "sidewalks"

2. Make sure the photo is geotagged, or else include an address or the nearest cross streets so we can map it.

That's it! Good luck, and thanks for participating!