Site of the Exide battery recycling plant in Vernon, in southeast Los Angeles. photo Nick Ut/AP

The Price of Clean Up

The long-suffering residents of South L.A. claimed a win in 2015 when the Exide Battery Plant in nearby Vernon was scheduled to close. For years the plant had spewed all kinds of toxic chemicals into the air -- including lead and arsenic.  An estimated 10,000 properties could be contaminated, and the cleanup is expected to take years and cost millions of dollars. Now nearly 2 years after closing the plant a plan is finally in place to clean up 2,500 homes. But why not all of them? And what is taking so long? Val Zavala talks to residents and state regulators about the price of cleanup.


Featured interviews with: 

Dilia Ortega and Mayra Lopez with Community For Better Environment

Moshen Nazemi with the California Department of Toxic Substance Control

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