Trained to Be Thrifty

This is video of my entrepreneurial moment at the Glendale Swap meet. I am selling a hat rack to a lucky bargain hunter. Since we were doing a shoot at the Glendale Flea market, I took the opportunity to rid my garage of a few choice items. When all was said and sold I netted a whole $9 bucks!

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This week’s program looks at how people are working to make a few extra dollars - or save a few extra dollars - in tough times.

I’m no stranger to the thrift economy. I grew up with four siblings in tight quarters, a Mexican father who shopped at yard sales, and a frugal mother who ignored expiration dates. I’ve often thought that if my father had brought the Ten Commandments down from the mountain they would’ve gone something like this:

I am the earner and saver. Thou shall not buy retail.
Thou shall make no idle purchases before me.
Thou shall not use your allowance in vain.
Remember to keep the payday holy.
Honor thy mother’s coupons.
Thou shall not kill time, because time is money.
Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife. She spends too much on shoes.
Thou shall get a “steal” whenever possible.
Thou shall not lie - unless it gets you into the movie for less.
Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods, unless he paid less than you did.

And so as we move collectively into austerity mode, I can thank my parents for training me well.

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