Update: What's New in Billboards

When we first aired the billboard series, we weren't sure what to expect in terms of a reaction.Now, two months later, the story has been picked up by NPR, the New York Times and several local media outlets. It also got the attention of the LA City Council.

As soon as today - December 18th - Los Angeles may have a three month temporary ban on all new signage.  The city council voted yesterday to approve the ban and it now awaits the signature of Mayor Villaraigosa, who has stated he will support it.

This turn of events is a result, in part, of our story.It's the kind of reporting that is so lacking in Los Angeles.Few are doing the in depth reporting that is critical to keeping us a well informed society. When is the last time a local tv station had a city hall reporter?  When is the last time any of them even had a reporter go to a city council meeting?

We usually rely on the LA Times or the Daily News to cover that beat.With both of those papers imploding,we at Socal Connected feel it's our job to fill in those gaps. The billboard story is a good example of what we think is lacking in LA news. And it's where we think we can be successful storytellers.So keep the story ideas coming!!

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