Val's Blog: Guerrilla Gardeners Update

Remember our story from last fall about a group of nighttime “guerrilla gardeners” who descended on an ugly, trashed-out plot of dirt in Hollywood? Well, it’s been about ten months and I thought I’d go back to Sunset and Van Ness to see if our labors were all for naught - or if the plants we put in survived life in L.A.

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Take a look! The photo says it all. The garden is doing great, despite the theft of a couple of the nicer plants. I’ll try to go back a few times this summer for some watering to help them through the heat.


Maybe the idea is catching on. Take a look at this second photo. This spot used to be UGLY! It’s near the 101 off ramp near Melrose. We put some plants in about six months ago. Then much to our dismay they got ripped out. I was bummed. But now I see they were ripped out because some government agency - Caltrans? - put in an even nicer garden. I love it!


In the meantime, Scott Bunnell, a real force behind guerrilla gardening, has even less walking room in his backyard because it is packed with plants just waiting for their permanent home in the earth. If you want to hook up with us guerrilla gardeners, go to http://socalguerrillagardening.org/

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