Private Property sign in foreground with beach behind it | Still from "Access Denied" on SoCal Connected

Vows and Votes

A look at the high-stakes, emotionally-charged battle behind Proposition 8, the November ballot that, if passed, would ban same-sex marriages in California. Supporters argue passing the measure is essential to protect "traditional values" and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Opponents say that the initiative is a bigoted attempt to snatch a newly-won but fundamental right away from gay and lesbian Californians.

The conflict over Proposition 8 has turned California into a central battlefield in America's on-going culture wars. In this story we visit the frontlines of the conflict, and explore how each side is using moral arguments, records amounts of cash, and hardball politics to make sure it's idea of what marriage should be prevails.

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Under the Influence

Influencers - they are powerful, persuasive, and they are everywhere. Marketers use them to reach you, to form what you buy, how you live, and what you do. You may not know it, but you could be living under the influence.

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