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Whether it’s on TV, in print or online, there are two types of news stories: “hard news” and “features.” As someone who’s done both, what’s really rewarding is when you can combine them: tell great stories with great characters that also have a hard news urgency. That’s our goal at SoCal Connected.

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In the first episode, we focus on the economy. But we’re not talking about the news of the day, the debate over the proposed bailout. Instead, we’re presenting three great stories that go to the heart of the economic crisis.

First, Lisa Ling reports on communities that have been especially hard hit by foreclosure. You’ll meet a “trash out” squad that empties out houses so they can be re-sold. And you’ll be amazed by what people leave behind. Then, Judy Muller tells the story of the disappearing middle class and one woman who’s never been without a job before. And finally, the irrepressible Patt Morrison has a commentary on just how important real estate is in Southern California - good market or bad.

Our Web Team has also been busy tackling these important issues. Online you will find an intimate web exclusive video about Watts’ resident and community leader Mama Hill, a victim of foreclosure. She recently lost her house and the thriving after school program she ran for at-risk teenagers. And in our blogs, Peter Viles from the LA Times, as well as Michael Shermer from Skeptic magazine, give us two perspectives on the foreclosure crisis.

Speaking for Val Zavala and the entire staff at SoCal Connected, we hope this is the type of program we can present each week. And in the exciting new world of multi-platform media, we hope you’ll join us on TV and online at KCET.Org/SoCal.

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