What If?


The Station Fire is threatening broadcast towers on Mt. Wilson.  Most of LA's TV stations, including KCET transmit their broadcasts from the site. What happens if the fire damages or destroys the broadcast facilities on the mountain?

If you have cable or satellite you will continue to receive KCET and other local stations without interruption.

If you depend on over-the-air transmission, and the fire knocks out our transmitter, you may not be able to receive our signal. We're already working on a variety of plans to respond to that contingency. We may set up a temporary transmission facility, and offer streamed programming online, here at KCET.org.

These efforts may take some time, and require spending a good deal of money. KCET has always been committed to universal access. We hope the fire spares our transmission facilities. But if it doesn't, we'll do whatever it takes to make sure we are still there. For you.

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