What's the Real Story?

Roz Lee, whom you met in the SoCal Connected segment "Down But Not Out," gives us an update on her search for work.

So it's all out there...it's all on the table. Now you all know a bit about what life has been like for me of late. Most of you already know my story, and know it well. But I have to assume that some of you may also have some questions about what I must be doing wrong if I can't seem to find a job. Some, like the lovely Vera Lusia (thank you ever so much for your kind words in the comments--they carried light) know that the situation is rampant and hitting close to home.  And hear me: we are not the only ones.

It seems like everyday I am meeting people who are also displaced, and who also have not been able to find jobs unless they know someone on the inside. I recently chalked it up to the assumption that, by law, employers have to post open positions, but they wind up hiring from within. At least this is what I tell myself because the alternative is just too dark a corner to visit. Let's just say it's very, ummm, depressing. (Ahem!) 

How depressing? A few days ago, I received my third regret letter from one major bank since Aug 2007. Did I mention that I have a 10-year history in Banking and Finance? Did I also mention that I was not offered an interview - not even an interview - for three positions I had applied for over the past year and half with another major bank? Now, that that bank has been in the headlines for financial problems it is apparent why.  

Two days ago , I applied for an awesome Trainer position in Pasadena. It is with a heavy heart that I expect to hear that the position has been filled with someone who more closely matches their ideal candidate. Did I mention that I have been in Training Design and Delivery for the past 6 years from Trainer I to Training Manager? I even applied (twice, mind you) for positions at a department store. The first response was that the position was filled with someone else, and the second was that I was overqualified for the sales associate position. Imagine that; being told you are overqualified to work.

I did hold one job for a short while. I had to quit. And they knew I would...eventually. It was with a timeshare company, and I was so desperate to work that I did not mind the fact that I would only be working no more than 20 hours a week. I went in with the conviction that I would work hard and earn more hours. That's the way the company worked. What I did not expect was gas prices to hit an all time high (at the time), nor having to commute to Anaheim, Ontario, Irvine - may as well have been frickin’ Pluto.  (At least the trip would have been more interesting, certainly not less time or gas consuming)! I had to pay a sitter, pay for gas, eating would have been nice, but often was not possible, plus handle whatever costs may occur in that day for the $50 salary I'd make for it. Dude, I'm not kidding. And all for the sake of just having a job. Fortunately for that company, they expect the high turn over. Unfortunately for me, I needed to work so bad that I took the first hot coal on my plate...and paid for it. Literally. So please don't assume that I must be doing something wrong, or that I must somehow not be worthy of the jobs I am applying for. I think, if this is your opinion about my situation, you need to take a good hard look at some of the people around you, maybe even in your own back yard. There is a situation brewing that none of us are in control of.   

I'm still looking, as I will continue to do. Since I '"don't qualify" for cash aid (in my opinion, simply because I refused to lie about my situation; I think the truth is evidence enough that we need a break) I cannot get the other services I could use to help me out of my situation, like child care services while I physically look for work. But I can't give up. My Bishop at the Victory Bible Church in Pasadena instilled the word in me that God is my ultimate provider. In saying so, His will for me is not to sit back and play victim. Not at all. Not ever. So I will continue to apply, as I have for several jobs this week. The one I am most excited about is the position in Pasadena that I mentioned above as a trainer for a credit union. Wish me luck, ya'll! To conclude, there needs to be an eyebrow raised with concern over the fact that so many people like you and I, and Vera's sister, that are being forced to seek aid just to have bare necessities. People think that aid is readily available, but in fact, getting it involves stepping intp a convoluted web of confusion geared towards total control of you and your situation. But that's another story. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Hearing from you helps keep me grounded. Your thoughts are warmly welcomed! 


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