Bay Area National Monument and Historic Landmark Increasing Rates

As previously hinted in a post regarding Yosemite fee hikes this year, there seems to be no sign of price hikes slowing down in National Parks. And now, we have confirmation that the next bout of hikes will include a handful of popular destinations in the Bay Area.

The most modest price hike will take place at one of the most popular National Historic Landmarks in all of the land. Visitors heading to Alcatraz Island will soon have to part with $1 extra, labeled on the receipt as an Expanded Amenity Fee. That price change will occur on October 1st of this year.

Meanwhile, parking at the Battery East and West Bluff lots of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is bumped up by 20 cents an hour. This change brings the total cost of parking at the area to $7 a day, or $1.20 an hour which, frankly, is a bargain compared to other parts of the city.

The largest price hike will take place just north of San Francisco, at the entrance of Muir Woods National Monument. Visitors looking to hike among the giant redwoods in that gorgeous park will soon have to pay $10 per person, a 100% increase from the current price of $5 per person. This price change will occur January 1st of next year, and will be Muir Woods' first price hike since 2007.

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