Catalina Island Zip Line Tour Hours Expanded for Nighttime Glides

Photo courtesy Santa Catalina Island Company

The sea lions are barking on the beach below. The stars are twinkling above. And wind is blowing in your face, complete with an adrenaline-induced smile as you glide through Descanso Canyon from 500 feet down to sea level on five separate zip lines for three quarters of a mile -- all under the night sky.

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Lately, Catalina Island has been on track in making itself an outdoors attraction. From the 37-mile trail that crosses the length of the island to the kelp forest tour where participants walk the ocean floor in a specially designed undersea helmet, new options have been affording themselves over the last couple years. Another attraction has been the zip line eco tour, which on December 16th will debut an adventurous addition: the opportunity to zip through darkness at speeds up to 45 mph.

Reservations are highly recommended for this two-hour tour--this is not just zip lines, there's also an eco-educational component with guides between zip lines at station platforms--that departs at dusk from the Descanso Beach Club. Costs are $99 on weekdays and $109 on weekends. Details for both day and night tours are on the Santa Catalina Island Company's website.

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