Devils Postpile, Red Meadow Valley May Reopen By July 4th

Rainbow Falls | Photo: Bill Gracey/Flickr/Creative Commons License

Reds Meadow Valley, which was affected by an extreme windstorm last November, is projected to open before July, according to a statement from the U.S. Forest Service. There is a possibility of delays, but it currently looks like the area will reopen by the 4th of July holiday.

Road repairs and tree removal continues on a daily basis, according to the Forest Service. Since the storm, there has been no public access to Reds Meadow Valley. Powerful winds knocked down thousands of trees in the Inyo National Forest.

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The area is home to Devils Postpile National Monument, an unusual geological sign and one of the coolest examples of columnar basalt, and Rainbow Falls, which drops 101 feet into a horseshoe-shaped amphitheater.

Once Reds Meadow Road reopens, the public will have access most area trails and popular destinations in the Valley, which include the Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls.

However, campgrounds will only accommodate half of the normal camping capacity normally found in the Valley at this time each year.

Updated information on cleanup progress is available here.

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