Find Your New Favorite Park with FindYourPark.com

Ever sit and stare at the Netflix menu screen for hours and hours without ever selecting anything to watch? Well, that's a state called "decision paralysis," and it affects a whole lot more than just what movie or TV show you're going to watch before bed. It can also affect what cookies you buy, what beers you get at the microbrew, and what New Year's party you go to. And it's not just limited to indoor activities.

Due to the large amount of federal lands out there, it's kind of tough to decide which one you should go to visit. There's just too many! Luckily, a new program by the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation called Find Your Park tries to help with your indecision by cataloguing over 450 public lands to help find the one that best suits for you.

Simply go to the website's homepage, click on "Find Yours" to take a quiz that will narrow down what park you should visit. If, say, you're into learning about history, culture, and you need something family friendly in California, the search engine will return a large number of National Parks, Monuments, and other public lands that fit the bill. (You can also search for a park that's closest to your location.) So, head on over to the site and start planning your summer trips.

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