Fresno Blossom Trail Season Starts This Weekend

If you don't have the time or money to book a ticket to Washington D.C. for the visual explosion of its famed cherry blossoms, you can spend a few hours in the car and take in the famed Fresno County Blossom Trail instead.

The first blooms of the trail are appearing, meaning that a full bloom is expected to take place over the weekend. (Check the site for more up-to-the-minute information.) The trail itself is more of a scenic drive than a hiking trail as you wind through historic towns east of Fresno off the 99, like Reedley, Sanger, and Clovis. It should take you two hours or so if you're stopping to take in the rich vistas of the white and pink blossom trees.

While there are no designated parking spots to enjoy the views -- most of the trees are on private property -- there are plenty of places where you can pull off to the side of the road and snap a few photos. And if you have a hankering for more beauty, you can add a short extension by following the nearby Orange Blossom Trail.

Here's a full map of the trail options:


After the full bloom takes place this weekend, you have until mid-March or so until they lose their luster until next year. So, stick this one in your calendar posthaste.

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