Good Wildflower Bloom Going on in Los Padres National Forest

A carpet of California poppies near the Figueroa Mountain station | Photo: Courtesy Los Padres National Forest

If you're on the wildflower hunt, here's one stop for your list, as Andrew Madsen of Los Padre National Forest is reporting a good season so far. "The blooming is spectacular despite the lack of rainfall this spring," he said today in an e-mail, sharing these recent photos taken near the Figueroa Mountain Fire Station in Santa Barbara County.

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Wildflowers are also blooming in outside Yosemite National Park. Read about it here.

The timing is good as the forest's first wildflower guided tour is Saturday, April 21 at 9 a.m. at the Figueroa Mountain Fire Station. More information on the event is listed here.
A variety of blooming wildflowers. From Top Left: Royal Lupine and Spiney Lupine, Hummingbird Sage, Clemetis, and Blue-eyed grass. From Bottom Left: Vetch, Baby Blue Eyes, Cream Cup, and Chia | Photos: Courtesy Los Padres National Forest

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