Google Street View Comes to California's State Parks

At its best, technology brings the world closer together. This occurs, in part, through enhanced communication methods, the ability to receive and deliver news instantaneously, and being able to see the world without ever having to pay for a costly plane ticket. (Let's save the negative impacts for another day.)

One of the most exciting ways this has manifested itself has been the invention of Google Street View, allowing anyone with an Internet connection to check out virtually any street in the world. And now, you can see the great California State Parks system that way as well.


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Last week, California State Parks and Google Maps unveiled a project that allows folks to experience the images and sights of various hikes throughout California State Parks. Rather than fitting a 360-degree camera on top of a car, Google used Trekker, its camera that fits onto a wearable backpack and snaps photos as one walks.

The images collected allow viewers to virtually travel along parks, trails, and pedestrian routes via their computers or mobile devices in 360-degree views.

Here are a few of the trails that have been collected thus far:

- Bluffs Trail, Andrew Molera State Park
- Pacifica State Beach
- Portola Redwoods State Park
- Sunset State Beach

In all, more than 100 state parks and beaches have been filmed using the device. For a full list, and to check out the hike views without breaking a sweat, head on over to the official website.

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