Half Dome Altered By Nature

There's a certain illusion of safety that comes when you step into a National Park with the size and reputation of Yosemite. "Here is an area of the wilderness that's been carved out and tailored to the needs of us city slickers," we believe. "There are clear and distinct paths that are maintained consistently, and as long as we stay on them, we'll be fine. It's safe."

And, for 99 percent of the time, that's exactly the case. But every now and then, it's good to have a reminder that when you're out in nature, you're out in nature.

Case in point, earlier this month, a pretty huge chunk of rock fell from the iconic Half Dome formation and landed right on the well-traveled pathway. According to a report on the fall:


The rockfall has affected pitches 11 and 12 and while it is unclear when precisely it occurred, the sizable slabs are believed to have peeled off at the start of July during some very heavy thunderstorms. This would explain why no one witnessed the rockfall and, importantly, no one was injured during what is usually a very busy period. Climbers are warned to steer clear of the area as further rockfall may occur.


While no climbers were hurt, they certainly could have been. Rock falls like this don't only happen during thunderstorms. So, keep it safe out there everyone.


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