High Style Glamping at Yosemite National Park


For some, spending time in the outdoors is about getting back to basics. It's about setting up your own tent and driving those stakes into the cold, hard ground with your own hammer. It's about unrolling your own sleeping bag, and hearing the gentle rustling of nighttime critters.

For others, however, time spent outdoors like this is a form of torture. Which is why "glamping" was created.

"Glamping" is one of those made-up combination words, in this case standing for "glamorous camping." It means being out in nature, but doing so without any of the "bad" things about it. Running water is a must, as are hot showers. TVs need to be present too. And if you're going to do it, well, you might as well do it in style. Which is why this list by TravelPulse of the most "over-the-top" home rentals at National Parks is required reading for any glamper.

For our California-based glampers, the one they have listed for Yosemite is a doozy:

Also fun: It has a pool table. It's located six miles inside of Yosemite, allowing you to scoff at all of those commoners sleeping outside of the National Park. But folks, this cabin is not cheap: The whole thing's gonna run you between $1,036 and $1,480 a night depending on the season. And that's before your party decides on how much to spend on champagne and caviar arrangements.

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