Hike and Bike Lassen National Park This Saturday

For better or worse -- probably worse, a lot worse -- it's become a bit of a trend that National Parks are opening earlier this year than ever before. (No rain equals no snow.) Lassen Volcanic National Park -- north of Reno, about an eight-hour drive from L.A. -- is following suit. Why they're opening for the season this year, however, is a little different: They're having a Vehicle Free Day.

This Saturday, May 2nd, starting at 9 a.m., the highway through Lassen will be opened for non-motorized travel only. That means hikers will be able to do some pretty serious hiking throughout the park's roads, if you're so inclined. But probably more importantly, it means that bikers will be able to ride the concrete without having to worry about cars passing by. Think of it like CicLAvia, but in an actual National Park!

While the roads will remain clear of traffic all through the day, the park does recommend completing whatever bike or hiking trip you have planned by nightfall, when the cool night air may create icy conditions on the road. Rangers also recommend wearing layers and bringing sunscreen and a hat, because the higher elevation of the park increases sun exposure.

You'll still need to pay the standard entry fee ($5 per person, walking or on a bike; $10 per vehicle, which will have to be parked once inside) in order to get into the park. And make sure you head over to the official website before heading out, as weather conditions can close the park at any time.

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