Lost Hikers Rescued in Topanga State Park

The Paseo Miramar Trail.
The Paseo Miramar Trail. | Photo: K Dudley/Flickr/Creative Commons License

A trio of hikers were found and taken to safety tonight after getting lost on a popular trail near Pacific Palisades, according to the Los Angles Fire Department. A helicopter and ground crew were sent to Topanga State Park after the group of twentysomethings called 911 for help around 6:15 p.m.

Upon locating them by air on the Paseo Mirimar Trail, a firefighter and paramedic were lowered to assess the three, who were found to be uninjured. They became "lost and unable to safely hike out of rough terrain," stated an LAFD alert. With the assistance of park rangers, a vehicle transported the hikers out of the park.

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LAFD Spokesperson Erik Scott told KCET that hikers should leave enough time before sunset. "Many hikers lose direction, get lost, cold, and scared in the dark."

So far in 2013, the LAFD has responded to over 100 "hiker incidents."

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